Published: Dec 29, 2012 9:26 PM EST

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - A Charlotte County Sheriff's deputy detained a Port Charlotte couple Friday for stealing from Dollar General. Afterward, the deputy recognized them as the unidentified subjects in a BOLO wanted in connection with a grand theft case at Tractor Supply Company on Dec. 20.

The unidentified couple was observed on surveillance video stealing an $830 plasma welder from Tractor Supply, 1185 Kings Highway. 34-year-old Jeffrey Scott Sabatinelli and 31-year-old Christen Joy Dial of Port Charlotte were arrested. The couple was observed by a witness Friday stealing items from Dollar General, 1700 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. They left the store in a VW Jetta with stolen merchandise and were followed by the witness who got the license plate number. The couple drove to Town Center Mall where they were detained by a deputy.

The deputy remembered the description of the man in the Tractor Supply theft BOLO and noticed that Sabatinelli was wearing the same tee shirt with the words “Brooklyn Vintage” and grey and white tennis shoes with black laces. The Dollar General merchandise was recovered and the couple was taken in for further questioning. The couple admitted to stealing the welder from Tractor Supply. Sabatinelli and Dial went into the store with their small child as seen on surveillance video. Their identity was not known; a BOLO was issued and a CCSO press release was sent to media.

Dial got a shopping cart and Sabatinelli took bolt cutters off a store shelf. Dial acted as the lookout while Sabatinelli cut the cable securing the welder. Dial helped load the stolen welder into the cart and they exited the store without paying. Sabatinelli was charged with Grand Theft and remains in the Charlotte County Jail on $2,500 bond. Dial also remains in jail on no bond; she was also charged with Grand Theft. Dial was also on probation and was additionally charged with Violation of Probation. Charges are pending for the Dollar General theft and detectives continue their investigation into other retail theft cases in the Port Charlotte area.