Published: Dec 27, 2012 10:37 PM EST
Updated: Dec 27, 2012 11:27 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A four letter word is setting the stage for a different kind of drama at the Cape Coral Cultural Park Theater
After two months of rehearsals, the curtain is closing on a production before it even opens and the actors are stunned.

The play is called "Rumors" and it uses quite a bit of colorful, adult language that initially made it past a script review. It was scheduled to debut at the Cultural Park Theater next weekend. The cast, who are all volunteers, say the theater's late decision to yank the performance is devastating.

Neil Simons play "Rumors" has been the center of the actor's lives since early October.

"Hilarious lines, hilarious characters," said actor Scott Carpenter.

"Rumors" was scheduled to debut in just a couple  weeks, but the cast was recently told the show will not go on.

"It's devastating," said actor Cindi Heimberg.

The theater's board of directors decided the script's repeated use of the "f" word wasn't a good fit for their audience and worried too many would be offended.

"But that is something that should have been thought about when they selected the season," said Carpenter.

The theater says it began to send letters to yearly ticket holders warning them about the profanity. The board says many started to complain.

"In lou of angering some of our patrons we decided to pull the show to have anymore confrontation with it," said Culture Park Theater director Michael Moran.

"I didn't understand why there was a problem because there have been other shows with language," said Heimberg.

The theater has performed the musical "Chicago" a show these actors say is much more risque. And next up is "Man of La Mancha."
That is a play the group says is just as bad because one character is raped, but the theater says the rape is only implied.

"When they exit the audience assumes that they are probably going to rape that woman," said Moran.

As for these actors, the show will go on. The Laboratory theater in Fort Myers will debut the play on January 28th.