Published: Dec 27, 2012 10:37 PM EST
Updated: Dec 27, 2012 11:47 PM EST

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla - A Golden Gate Estates woman robbed at gun point speaks only to WINK News.

Last weekend, four masked forced their way into a home on 11th Street Southwest. Three victims were tied up and guns were pointed at their heads while everything of value was taken.

Thursday, Michelle walked WINK News through her backyard and home describing exactly what happened Saturday morning.

Michelle and Michael Downs were in the backyard around 11 a.m. Saturday when four masked men confronted them.

"I tried to run past them. I tripped and then they grabbed me by my legs and drug me back to here," says Michelle pointing to a spot on the ground behind her house. "I was screaming for help the whole time. Help, help help."

"He said we're going to kill you and then another guy came out and put a gun to my head and he said if you don't stop screaming, he said we're going to kill you."  

Thursday, the Collier County Sheriff's Office released the 911 call that Michelle made after escaping from her home. Michelle told the dispatcher, "they tied us up and told us to just keep quiet and not move."

Michelle says eventually the men brought her and Michael inside, where her roommate Suzanne Pantalone was. "They had Sue with a gun to her head. They made her open all the drawers and go through all my things. They got all my dead husbands jewelry, all my dead mothers jewelry, all my money, Ids," says Michelle.

She then walks to a third bedroom where she says the men put all three of them. "I was over there," Michelle says pointing to a spot near the window. "Then the guy came in and duck tape my legs."

The men ripped out the home phone line and smashed all the cell phones leaving Michelle and her friends with no way to call for help.

"They told us don't move. You don't know if we're leaving yet or not and if you come out we're going to shoot you and when I didn't hear anything I started to get the duck tape off of me," says Michelle.

She then ran across the street to her neighbors house. They weren't home, but Michelle had a key. She called 911, but the men were already gone.

"They got everything that's valuable to me," says Michelle. "I think they should get life for doing what they did to us because it's very traumatizing what happened to all of us," says Michelle.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Collier County Sheriff's Office at 239-252-9300 or if you wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS (8477).