Published: Dec 25, 2012 6:54 PM EST

Christmas is a time of celebrating traditions, but also a time when new ones are adopted. And as one young man learned today, "giving" goes along way. The Salvation Army and it's volunteers are making sure no one goes without a meal on Christmas.

"To me, there's no greater joy you can bring to see someone with a smile on their face, whether it be through love, through laughter...or my personal favorite is through food," said Volunteer, Ryan Love.

Ryan Love is showing what giving is all about.

"Definitely an eye opener, something I have personally never experienced before," Love explained.

Ironically enough, his last name seems very fitting for a young guy with a big heart.

"The meaning of Christmas is always going to be the same, no matter what year your speaking of, it's to give and to love, to show others that you care," said Love.

Every plate of food he gives is served with warmth.

"I hope the people that came to experience the food took away as much as the people who came here to serve it," Love said.

Ryan says all he wants to do is share a glimmer of hope with someone who needs it this Christmas day.

"I hope they take from this what I take from this," he said.

And for Lisa Jackson-Jones, she says volunteers like Ryan, are simply a Christmas miracle.

"I thank them for their time, because they can't be at home with their families."

Ryan says volunteering his time on Christmas is going to be a Christmas tradition. The Salvation Army served close to 650 people today.