Published: Dec 23, 2012 4:51 AM EST

Christmas is just days away and for many of you it's traditional to put your holiday shopping off until the last minute.
The mall is a popular spot this weekend for those labeled "the last minute shopper."

"We either have some that are getting those last minute gifts or we have some of the shoppers that haven't even started, realizing 'oh my goodness it's December 22nd,'" says Edison Mall Marketing Director, Sara Berthold.

Stores are taking part in the yearly tradition, slashing prices and making gifts more affordable.

"My job basically paid me last week and I saved all my money to get all the best deals right now," says shopper Alexzandria Hinton.

No matter what holiday, it seems like everyone will do what they can to save an extra dollar.

"I think that they start to lower their prices a lot more closer to the end, so I wait the weekend right before Christmas to get the best deals," says Hinton.

And it also means extra profits for retailers.
"The stores are giving those deep discounts, they want those shoppers, a lot of retailers staying open those extended hours, just to get those additional dollars in," says Berthold.

It's simply people catching on to this  idea, if you wait, you can save.

"I definitely don't think I can buy as much as I did last year, I mean but I'm not hurting and I'm working as much as I can to get gifts for people I love," Hinton says.