Published: Dec 19, 2012 6:24 PM EST

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla.- You may not know it, but there is an election going on right now in North Fort Myers. Three candidates are running for honorary mayor.

None of them are interested in politics, but rather in representing the community.

The North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce runs the election. Each vote is a $1 donation to the chamber.

Al Giacalone is seeking an unusual second term in office. He says, "it's allowed me to bring awareness to the community of what the Chamber of Commerce does in North Fort Myers."

He says he enjoys representing the community, without all the politics. "It's an ongoing joke. I've had people come up to me and say my street lights won't work what can you do to fix it and I hold out my hand and say $50 and I'll see what I can do." He says he wouldn't want the responsibility of an elected position. "North Fort Myers being unincorporated, that's why we live here. I wouldn't want to see it incorporated."

Gina Sisparro is also running for honorary mayor. The Collier County resident works for Marco Office Supply, and is a new member of the North Fort Myers chamber. She thinks this would be a great way to get to know the businesses in the area. She says, "I know its honorary mayor but it really is an honor to be asked to run and just do some fun events for the chamber. I will shake things up. They think I'm funny down on Marco, we'll find out if they think I'm funny here."

The third candidate is CPA Tim Barrier. He's excited to take part in an election that's all in good fun. "I still feel the chamber is an organization that benefits the entire community so if I can help them do that, I'm glad to do it. The title of honorary mayor of North Fort Myers actually brings some focus to the area and maybe an economic benefit for the area."

The chamber will host a debate between the candidates at its next luncheon on January 15, and will announce the new mayor at a dinner on February 2.

The candidates all have creative fundraisers planned for their campaigns, including a poker run and theater night.

To learn more about casting a vote in the election, visit