Published: Dec 19, 2012 2:36 PM EST
Updated: Dec 19, 2012 4:52 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - School officials have been fighting for a fence for the past year. They say after Friday's shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, it's more important than ever that they update the school's security.

"Of course in this day and time we want to do everything we can and i know all schools are readdressing their security plans and looking at ways to keep their school safer," said Tommy Bridges.

For Tommy Bridges, the Principal of the Saint Ann Catholic School, constructing a higher fence is one way he can keep students and staff secure.

"This is part of our long range security plan, it's one piece of it," said Bridges.

Not everyone has supported the school's plan. Neighbors even created a petition to keep the new fence from going up. But on Wednesday morning, the City Council unanimously approved a new six foot high fence with a six foot high hedge that will wrap around the school's soccer field.

"It would be safer, I think, if there was no hedge. But I know the City Council is also very concerned with the aesthetics of the neighborhood and that sort of thing. But really to me, that matter to me is between the police and the City Council."

Danny Schryver has lived next to the school for decades.

"There's been some changes over the years but I've never had any objection to anything they wanted to do and I don't see why there should be any objection since it is for the kids," said Schryver.

He said he's not against a tall fence or a high hedge.

"Whatever they do for for the safety of the kids is acceptable to me," said Schryver.

The school hopes to start construction on the new fence sometime over Christmas break.