Published: Dec 18, 2012 4:56 PM EST
Updated: Dec 18, 2012 5:13 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- "I looked at all the cones and how they have it set up. I talked with the Principal and I looked at all the overheads and what they had before and what they have now," said Patrick Hayhurst, The Director of Security for the Lee County School District.

Instead of three entrances and exits now there's only one way to get in and out of Pelican Elementary School. Hayhurst said the change happened two weeks ago for safety reasons.

"The parents are now on our property and not blocking driveways. They are separated from walkers and bicyclists and separated from buses so it is safer all around."

Parents we spoke to agree. Linda Simpson said, "They tell you what cone to go to and your child is there. There is no waiting. I like it a lot better."
Others said it is forcing people to use surrounding roads to access Pelican Boulevard and that's dangerous.

Parent Douglas Donlon said, "People are driving erratic and if there are no school zone signs people don't know how fast to go so they should be concerned."

Eventhough the flow of traffic has changed, Hayhurst said he believes there are enough school zones sign here.

Pelican Elementary followed in the footsteps of nearby Diplomat Elementary and Middle Schools which also have the same single point entry procedure in place.