Published: Dec 18, 2012 9:28 PM EST
Updated: Dec 18, 2012 11:52 PM EST

"It was weighing heavy on my heart. Definitely kept them all in my prayer."

This 29 year old said she learned of the Newtown tragedy on television. She doesn't want her identity revealed, but says watching it all unfold compelled her to take action.

"I have family in new england and I know if something happened, a tragedy like that, I know how difficult it is just to pick up and leave, especially during around the holidays," she said.

So to help the grieving families, she decided to give up her airfare home to help someone personally impacted by Friday's shooting.

"Whoever wants to send me an email first, if they know of a family member or a friend or a loved one that needs to get home, to be home with their family, especially around the holidays, just reach out to me."

Her email is She said she's already gotten the okay from Jetblue Airlines.

"I'm forever a loyal customer."

And she wants the victims and their families to know they're loved and supported from all the way in Naples, Florida.

"That's what I live for I mean at the end of the day i believe that true happiness comes from giving back and helping others."

The woman said she doesn't want her identiy revealed because she wants to make sure the focus stays on those in need.