Published: Dec 14, 2012 10:27 PM EST
Updated: Dec 15, 2012 12:04 AM EST

Schools in our area take multiple measures to keep students safe and some are using new technology to make sure the buildings are secure.

Christa McAuliffe Charter Elementary in Cape Coral walked us through their security measures.

"You never know who is going to do what," said principal Jaquelin Collins.

Being the principal at an elementary school is a tough job especially when it comes to keeping her students safe.

"You can never be 100% prepared. You just cant its not possible," Collins said.

But the staff does everything possible to keep the building secure.

"We have security cameras in every parking lot, in the hallways," Collins said.

Without an electronic key card, entering any part of the building but the front office is nearly impossible.

Teachers also get hard keys for their individual classrooms.

"They are supposed to keep their classroom doors locked at all times just in case an emergency like this were to happen," Collins said.

Collins can also lock down every door around the building from a button in her office.

John Peterson with Integrated Fire and Security Solutions says once these doors are locked it is nearly impossible to break through.

"Once the students are in they want to keep those doors locked," said Peterson.

Teachers and students at Christa McAuliffe also practice what are called code red drills at least twice a year.

"I get on the intercom and simply say code red, code red," Collins said.

The teachers turn off all the lights, close the windows and make sure the doors are locked.

Students then quietly huddle in a place where you can't see them through the door window.

"If there is a medical emergency we put a red tag up in the window. If everything is fine we put a green tag," said Collins.