Published: Dec 14, 2012 7:32 PM EST
Updated: Dec 14, 2012 7:42 PM EST

You can see the heartbreak on the faces of the Immokalee players, coaches, and fans.

"Now they'll go back and grieve in more than one way," said head coach Jarrod Ackley.

Grieving the loss of their two classmates: "It's been a real difficult time because the two students were known by most of the kids on the football team," said Richard Heers, a resident of Immokalee.

And losing the state championship game in Orlando. But coach Jerrod Ackley says the team felt an outpouring of support during all four quarters.

"What a great support by our community, even in the end."

Many fans are still coping with the deaths of 18 year old Coby Deleon and 17 year old Natalia Trejo.

"Football feels like it brings the whole town together," said Erika Pulido.

It was difficult for Pullido, a graduate of Immokalee high school, to focus on the game.

"It is a hard situation. We give our respects to the family and everything but we're here to support our team today, then tomorrow we'll see what happens," said Pulido.

But her fellow fans agree, today's game gave some happiness and excitement during a time of mourning.

It was a great tragedy, you know, and to have something like that happen and something as wonderful as this to come right after it, I think it's going to change the somber spirit of the community," said Frank Rincon, a lifelong resident of Immokalee.