Published: Dec 13, 2012 10:34 PM EST
Updated: Dec 13, 2012 10:49 PM EST

IMMOKALEE, Fla - The grieving family of an Immokalee teenager found shot to death is in shock. 17-year-old Natalia Trejo's family can't believe she's gone.

She was found dead with 18-year-old Coby Deleon late Wednesday night in what authorities are calling an apparent murder-suicide.

The two teens were found dead inside Deleon's grandmother's house at 205 North 6th Street. Now, two families are left with more questions than answers.

Brenda Martinez says her cousin's death leaves here with, "Emptiness. She was my baby cousin."

Sergio Soto, another cousin of Natalia's says the news of her death was shocking. "Straight shock. Straight denial. I couldn't believe it," says Soto.

Natalia Trejo was a junior at Immokalee High School. She was a cheerleader, a friend, a daughter and a role model to her four brothers.

12 year old Jason Trejos says, "she was my only sister and I love her and I thought this would never happen."

Late Wednesday night, Natalia and her boyfriend Coby were found dead inside his grandmother's house. Sheriff's Deputies say the two were fighting when their relationship took a tragic turn. Deputies say both teens were shot in the head and the gun was found between Coby's legs, although they're not saying which teen fired the shots.

Martinez says, "whether they did it out of love or something else I wish they would have taken other steps to solve whatever they were going through because now everyone is in pain. Our family, his family and now they're no longer with us."

Family and friends say the two dated for about a year and lived together with Coby's grandmother.

"They would have arguments, but it's like any other teenage relationship. They would break up, get back together. I don't know what happened, but I just know she's no longer here with us and he's no longer here with us," says Martinez.

Natalia's family spent much of the day reminiscing about the good times. "She was a great person, she had a great personality, outgoing, sweet girl," says Soto.

But they are now left, trying to comprehend why her life ended so tragically. "that's my aunt's only daughter," says Martinez as she holds back tears. "I can't imagine what she's feeling because I would never wish it upon anyone."

Natalia's familiy and friends are working to set up a fund for Natalia's mother to help her pay for funeral costs. As soon as the fund is set up we will post a link on