Published: Dec 12, 2012 6:35 PM EST
Updated: Dec 12, 2012 6:47 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Chad Shumacher wasn't there when his father Robert had a heart attack and collapsed at the Southwest Florida International Airport. But luckily, Lee County EMS Amy Folcarelli was.

"It kinda gives you the goosebumps and the chills just knowing that you really had a part in this whole entire family's happiness," said Folcarelli.

Along with her team, Folcarelli helped resuscitate the 68-year old. On Wednesday, Shumacher's family flew all the way from Minneapolis to a ceremony that honors these lifesavers.

"We are very fortunate that he gets a second chance and that everybody here did such a wonderful job and they take their jobs so seriously," said Chad Shumacher.

The Phoenix Award ceremony reunites patients who clinically died with the emergency responders who brought them back.

"Normally we never get to hear the outcome," said EMS, Sherri Matthews.

Matthews has been a first responder for 19-years but says nothing like this has ever happened to her.

"The whole ordeal lasted about 10 minutes where she was without a pulse," she said.

Matthews was part of the Lee County EMS crew that saved Lucy Perk's life after she was born lifeless.

"When she came out she was unresponsive and she was purple and blue," said her mom, Carrie Perk.

Perk says it was their quick thinking that saved her little girl, "Getting her the oxygen that she needed to continue this life."

In the past year, 11 clinically dead people have been successfully brought back to life thanks to the efforts of Lee County EMS.