Published: Dec 11, 2012 7:15 PM EST

It's your money and more than $800,000 of it is going to pave a main Cape Coral road. But some people are concerned the work on Del Prado Boulevard, from Cape Coral Parkway to Coronado will hurt their businesses.

The re-paving wont start until February at the peak of season, and that's causing some to questing the county's timing.

Wear and tear on one of Cape Coral's main road is beginning to take its toll. Cracks and potholes are easy to see and drivers say something needs to be done.

Lou Stefanacci has owned A.J's Florist for decades, right next to Del Prado, and says the re-paving is necessary.

"There's a lot of sections, it's like driving down the road and its like driving on a washboard!" he said.

Others like Carriage Cleaner's owner Eric Agranove agree. But he is worried the project, which will start during his peak business time, will become an issue. "The February thing, if that's when they're going to do it, not quite sure that's the best timing but you know, that's bureaucracy and government," he said.

Lee County commissioners approved more than $800,000 of your money to go towards the project.
Commissioner John Manning says business owners will have to cope the best they can, because the re-surfacing of the road has to be done during the dry winter months.

"Unfortunately its February when a lot of our snowbirds are here. And we'll have to be very cautious as they will," said Manning.

Elijah Williams drives Del Prado every day for work. He's happy to hear about the project but worried about congestion. "It's one of the main thoroughfares that comes through Fort Myers of course it's going to be busy. And it's Cape Coral Parkway, and its Del Prado," he said.

Work, if started in February, is expected to be complete the summer of 2013.
Some sections of Del Prado have not been re-paved in more than 20 years.