Published: Dec 07, 2012 12:45 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- A Charlotte County bus driver is under investigation after parents say she made children tape each others mouths shut to make them be quiet.

We went to the school district for answers.

"It breaks my heart. She doesn't get that kind of treatment at home. I don't want her to have it here, nowhere. No child, regardless of if they make any noise or if they're talking...I couldn't believe it," said the distraught Port Charlotte mother.

She isn't showing her face to protect her daughter, but she did share pictures of the 5-year-old who came home the other day with red and inflamed lips.

The girl said the bus driver gave her classmates tape to put over their mouths to keep them quiet.

"It almost looked like chapped lips, wind burn. The corners of the mouth, all across the lips, just very red. Why did she think it was okay?" The girl's mother said.

"It was inappropriate. It was not a wise choice," said Michael Riley with Charlotte County Public Schools.

He says the district watched surveillance video from that bus ride and spoke with the driver.

"We will put on the road, a bus driver with anywhere from 60 to 80 students, expect them to drive the bus, maintain's a tough job," Riley said.

He says this driver has worked for the district for five years and has never had any issues.

"Was this good? No. Did she physically force any child or touch any child or put tape on any child's mouth? No, she didn't, but it was inappropriate, especially dealing with the children," Riley explained.

"I don't wanna see anyone lose their job. It sucks, but poor choices...she fired herself, if that happens," the girl's mother said.

The school district tells us the driver will have a hearing with Human Resources. In the meantime, the driver will not be suspended.