Published: Dec 04, 2012 11:35 PM EST
Updated: Dec 04, 2012 11:44 PM EST

Wink News investigates a warning for homeowners about a company called Homeserve USA. The company is sending letters out advertising insurance for your water line under your property, specifically the portion between your house and your city or county hook-up.    

We discovered The Better Business Bureau has already had several complaints about this particular company and are warning customers to do their research.

"I was skeptical," said homeowner David Urban after he saw the letter.    

The letter says to reply by December 7th and wants credit card information or a money order.

"I certainly would need to have more investigation on it and not be giving my credit card information out," said Urban.

The mailer says the company will cover the cost to repair to a broken water line outside your house for just under 60 dollars a year, but Rustin Jenkins, a Fort Myers plumber, says just fixing sections of the broken line isn't good enough.

"Even to drain down and re-pressurizing can cause another leak because these pipes are real frail and are other spots that are ready to go," said Jenkins.

Homeserve USA is based out of Connecticut and the Better Business Bureau is warning customers about the mailer. Even though the company has an "A" rating in Connecticut. 257 complaints have been filed and 110 of those are specifically for advertising and sales issues.

Homeserve USA's Myles Meehan defends the company and says those are small numbers compared to the thousands of Florida cusomers they serve.

"Customers who do sign up do have 30 days to review the material and make sure it is right for them," said Meehan.

Some are concerned that since it is a national company, there isn't a local representative to talk to in person.

"Before I would do something like this, I would want to talk to someone," said homeowner Jan Rees.