Published: Dec 04, 2012 6:08 PM EST
Updated: Dec 04, 2012 6:15 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fl. - Tis the season to shop with a cop!  Tuesday, Charlotte County Sheriff's Deputies and officers from other local law enforcement agencies helped students fill shopping carts with presents for their families to open Christmas morning.

They used donated gift cards from Walmart.

Armed with a shopping list, and a $100 gift card, 8-year-old Alexia Turner is on a mission and getting some special help to complete it.

"Not a lot of people get to go shopping with a police officer," she says.

Alexia and Lt. Keri DeHart patrolled the shoe isle and the shirt sections to find the perfect presents to go under the tree.  Alexia was one of about 100 kids chosen to take part in 'Shop with a Cop.'

"It's an opportunity for us to give something special that they otherwise might not have," Lt. DeHart says.

"The barbie DVDs are for my sisters," says 7-year-old Angel Poggi.

Poggi shopped with Deputy Nicholas Risi.

"We got everything on his list that he asked for... he's definitely thinking about other ppl besides himself," he says.

Walmart donated $4,000 to the cause and community organizations like the Punta Gorda Women's Club donated another 3,000.

"Many of our children are not able to help their own families and the families can't even help them. and this way there's just a little bit of joy," says Jannett Howley.

A joy Alexia is excited to share.  The final gift on her list: a very special Christmas card for her mom.

"She's probably gonna be wowed because she hasn't gotten a Christmas card with us on it!"