Published: Dec 04, 2012 9:03 PM EST
Updated: Dec 04, 2012 10:59 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla - A prime spot of Naples real estate could soon be home to a brand new housing development.

After many failed projects, a Naples developer wants to build 84 single family homes on the property right off Goodlette Frank Road, just north of the Bayfront Inn.

Right now the 22-acre piece of property sits empty right off of Naples Bay. The development will be called Lighthouse Point and if the city approves the plans, developers could break ground early  next year.

The future Lighthouse Point is minutes from downtown Naples, right along the water and it could soon be home to 84 new families, a small town center building and docks for every property.

Mel Melhado, a Naples resident and realtor says, "it will be interesting, but I would say waterfront single family homes have no problem in this town."

Adam Benigni, Naples Senior Planner says, "I think the trend is going toward single family homes and not condominiums right now. Anyone can drive around and see how many homes are under construction in the city, there's a lot and they're selling."

The developers received preliminary approval from the City Council, but not everyone is on board with the idea.

 "We don't need side by side housing down there," says Betsy Piper. "They need a park, they need another place for boats to have access."

For years, other developers have tried to build on this land, but they've never been successful.

"The prior project that was approved for this property never took off because they didn't sell enough units so that project failed and the property went into foreclosure," says Benigni.

With so little waterfront space left within city limits, this property is a prime spot. The only drawback is the homes are very close together, but Benigni says it's a good plan to boost development, so close to downtown.

"It promotes a number of things, connectivity, access to the waterfront."

The developer will go in front of the Planning Advisory Board next week. Issues like re-zoning the land still need to be approved.

The city council will then give final approval in February.