Published: Dec 02, 2012 4:47 PM EST

FORT MYERS-Fla-Bob Blinkhorn is the reigning LeeTran Roadeo champion five years in a row. "What makes you so good? practice," he said.

Only time will tell if his practicing pays off Sunday. This year he's competing against 22 other bus drivers. Each participant must navigate a 40-foot bus around these cones-and that's just the beginning of the course.

Joann Haley is with LeeTran. She said, "There is also a row of tennis balls they have to aim their tires through, also a set of barrels they have to go through that has only a couple of inches of clearance on both sides. It is really challenging."

"They are measured on the smoothness of their rides, that makes a difference to passengers, and whether they make the correct stop announcements. A lot of this contributes to the passenger experience as well," she said.

In the end, making them better bus drivers. And just for the day, weaving in some fun.

Bus driver Tom Marinell said, "It is handeling of the bus and backing it up which we don't get to do on our runs because we are not supposed to back up, but to back up and park a 40 foot bus is quite unique."

A unique experience where precision means the difference between winning and losing.

"If I win this I will go to the state competition and win," said Blinkhorn.