Published: Nov 27, 2012 9:46 PM EST

Robert Dunn was found guilty of first degree murder and will soon face one of two options-life or death. This is an outcome that is nearly four years in the making.

"It is way overdue, but I am happy that it is over," said Christine Dunn's father Thomas Lozier.

It is not all quiet done yet. Monday the jury will recommend to the judge either life in prison or the death penalty.

WINK News asked Scott Moorey, a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer not involved in this case, what strategy Robert Dunn's defense team may use. Moorey says they will try to humanize Dunn for compassion of the jury.

"We need to bring a number of the issues that weren't relevant in the trial and that the jurors didn't see or hear in the trial," said Moorey.

Things like Dunn's family and mental history.

David Brener, Dunn's attorney, says the jury could hear more about that on Monday and then the jury will decide if it recommends the death penalty, but it's just a recommendation.

The judge has the final say and could make her own decision and it has happened before.

In 2009 Justin Grodin was found guilty of killing his eleven month old daughter in Lee County.

The jury suggested the death penalty, but the judge decided life in prison because the death penalty wasn't the appropriate punishment

"Our goal, our obligation is to show the jury that there is a human being involved here," said Brener.

Whatever the outcome, Christine Dunn's father says his grand-daughter who saw her mother get shot and killed, is still too young to fully understand.

"She knows her mother is in heaven and her father is in jail," said Lozier.