Published: Nov 23, 2012 8:55 PM EST

Allison Cooley and her family are preparing to leave after a week's stay in southwest Florida and with her three little passengers, she says she probably picked the best day to fly.

"It is empty. That makes it easy traveling with three small kids," said Cooley.

Empty is right, you could say it is the calm before the storm.

Lee County Port Authority says it expects tomorrow and Sunday to be the busiest days this week. 235 flights to and from the airport are expected, but tonight, the sound of the airport music is pretty much the loudest sound around.

"We left a little bit early and took the kids out of school two days earlier so we wouldn't have the  airport congestion," said flyer Michael Phister.

One flyer made a couple stops before arriving here at RSW and he says it's the same story all around.

"It is probably the least traffic I have seen in years. period," said flyer Jaycob Johnson.

But the day didn't go so smoothly for passangers on a US Airways flight out of Key West. The plane had to make an emergency landing at RSW after a bird hit the aircraft and damaged part of the right wing.

"When we were going slow to Fort Myers, you could tell they had a hard time leveling the plane, said passanger Scott Moll.

"Thier customer service helped us out and we are getting a different connecting flight in Houston, so we will still be able to get home tonight," said flyer Eric Mchugh.