Published: Nov 22, 2012 10:46 PM EST
Updated: Nov 23, 2012 1:05 AM EST

FORT MYERS, FL - For these shoppers, the goal of Black Friday is to score the best prices.

"Prepared to what you pay full price and you're paying half," said David Valentin.

David Valentin was the first person in line at Best Buy.

"I got out here Thursday about at 5:30."

A week later, he had the advertisement memorized.

"Well they got a 40 inch 1080 p usually runs for about 420, tonight it'd be 180," said Valentin.

Just down the plaza, Toys R Us opened their doors at 8. Even offering the first 200 people a free bag of toys. But the spirit of the holiday wasn't forgotten. For some, Thanksgiving dinner was delivered curbside.

"She cut some slices off for us, it probably doesn't look as appetizing as it did once."

Others made new friends with their fellow shopper.

"Black Friday is always a fun tradition," said Joshua Denison.

Amanda Martin said she'll be taking Friday off from work just to keep shopping. Even though she says she hasn't been impressed with this year's deals.

"There was just more things that I needed on sale last year," said Martin