Published: Nov 21, 2012 6:25 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla.- A $50,000 catamaran that has sat idle at the Naples city dock since June, has been hauled away by Sea-Tow.

The company won the bid to take possession of "Latitudes," a boat that's been sitting at the dock since June.

In that time, the city was forced to take care of the boat, while it racked up slip fees. The owner, Wayne Ball, was no where to be found. So the city put the boat out to bid last month, and Sea-Tow won, paying $1500 to take the boat off the city's hands. That's about half the slip fees.

Sea-Tow Owner Dan Mercier says it's been a strange case. "Not really happy yet. We'll see. It's a long road to get to the bottom of the clear title. I don't know why the other people backed out but I've studied it quite a bit, been here from the beginning and I feel pretty confident moving forward and hopefully we can find the gentleman."

Sea-Tow has to go through a lengthy process to try to find Wayne Ball before it can claim the title. It could be 8 months before the company can consider selling the boat or keeping it for itself. "We've got to follow state laws and see if we can't locate the gentleman and collect fees from him and see if he wants his vessel back and if he doesn't show up, I'll pursue and try to get a clear title."

Wayne Ball's ex-wife placed a lien on the boat for unpaid child support. If Sea-Tow obtains the title, the company would then be responsible for paying the lien.