Published: Nov 20, 2012 10:40 AM EST
Updated: Nov 20, 2012 5:56 PM EST

DEEP CREEK, Fla.- Charlotte County Sheriff's detectives arrested a Deep Creek man for cutting, stealing, and selling copper wire from FPL from utility poles. Terry Wayne Davis, 32, of 26063 Ocelot Lane, was arrested on eight charges. His girlfriend, Teara Anne Sander, 22, who lives with Davis, was also arrested on drug charges.

An anonymous caller to CCSO Monday morning advised a man was possibly cutting metal wire from telephone poles on Wateau Court and Capricorn Boulevard. The caller also said the man was with a woman in a maroon Chevrolet. A CCSO Officer drove to Allied Recycling, 4137 James Street, Port Charlotte, to see if they had turned in metal wire. He observed a woman sitting in a vehicle similar to the one reported. When asked what she was doing, Sander said her boyfriend was inside selling metal. A bucket full of copper wire clearly marked and identifiable as property of FPL was collected. Sander said she did not know where the copper wire came from.

Detectives asked Davis where he got the wire and he said from his neighbor. Detectives then located bolt cutters in the car that had copper residue on the cutter. A search of Davis located a receipt for copper wire he turned into Allied on Monday. An Allied employee said Davis had previously sold copper wire to them on Nov. 11, Nov. 13 and Nov. 16.The Monday transaction showed Davis in possession of 16-pounds of FPL copper wire. An FPL employee responded and identified the copper wire as property of FPL by the markings on the wire.

A deputy also questioned Sander and asked her for identification; she said it was in her purse in the car. The purse was open and the deputy observed a spoon with scorch marks and white residue, plus a hypodermic needle. The residue tested positive for opiates.

Both were arrested and taken to the Charlotte County Jail. Davis was charged with four felony counts of Dealing in Stolen Property, three felony counts of False Verification of Ownership to a Secondary Metal Recycle, and Petit Theft. Davis remains in jail on $28,000 bond; this is his eighth booking. Sander, a convicted felon, was charged with Possession of Opiates and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She was released on $3,000 bond; this was her seventh booking.