Published: Nov 20, 2012 1:14 PM EST
Updated: Nov 21, 2012 3:41 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It's been three weeks since WINK News told you about management at a south Fort Myers apartment complex finally admitting they had a mold issue.  Audubon Cove management told us over the phone they've been battling mold in their units for several years.  Now the problem is beginning to be fixed.

Since our story aired on October 29, 2012, units at Audubon Cove have been under construction.  Management is no longer accepting our calls but residents said they're ecstatic to see work finally be done after they called WINK News.

A woman who lives at Audubon Cove wants us to call her Kim.  You met her in our stories about Audubon Cove.  For months, she complained to management about a mold problem inside her apartment.

"I was afraid that me or the children would be getting sick because there was holes there and mold coming through the paint," said Kim.

Kim and her three daughters lived in an apartment that was condemned because of a fire in May, only to be moved into an apartment full of mold.  Management also raised her rent $75 from $625 to $700 a month.

"I've been calling them once or twice a week for about four months.  Its in writing, in their office, my move in paperwork," said Kim.

Kim called WINK News Call for Action and we got to work, getting the problem of mold fixed.

"Nothing would happen until WINK News aired my story," said Kim.

After four months of phone calls, e-mails and certified letters, Audubon Cove management finally admitted there was an issue on October 26, 2012.

"Is mold an issue at Audubon Cove in Fort Myers?" said Genevieve Judge, WINK News reporter.

"Yes it is.  Its an issue and its an issue that we're addressing as fast as we can," said Jeffrey Libert.  He is the owner of Audubon Cove's parent company in Massachusetts.

"I am so happy you came out here.  The office may not be very happy with me but the work is done," said Kim.

Audubon Cove management put Kim and her three daughters up in a hotel for a week.  Management paid for the room.  When WINK News called to get an update on the progress of all the work being done at the complex, we were told this.

"Due to the negative manner and light to which you betrayed the owners of properties, there will be no further interviews," said Catherine Hulsinger, property manager, Audubon Cove.

Kim did what ever homeowner should do, document.  She had paperwork backing up her claims and took photos of mold in the apartment.


"There is no mold.  They took out the whole wall, re-did it.  They did it right.  Thank you for looking at that email that was sent to you and you called me back and you came out and you took care of it.  You took care of the problem," said Kim.

WINK News Call for Action got answers after five months of work.  If you have an issue you'd like our investigative team to look at, get in touch with us.

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