Published: Nov 18, 2012 3:12 PM EST
Updated: Nov 20, 2012 12:30 PM EST

The pounding of a hammer, the cutting of a saw, and the rustling of nails in a bucket, are making a dream for Vianney Hernandez come true.
"I'm probably going to cry the first time I walk into the door because it's hard work paid off," says Hernandez.
She is watching her new home be built from the ground up.
"Oh my God, I come out almost everyday. I come out and I have been taking pictures since this was all trees."
It's a home she thought she would never have.
"It is a dream come true. It's like going from not having so much to a little bit more."
Charlotte County's Habitat For Humanity and Peace River Distributing, are volunteering their time to make this dream possible.
"Its going to provide a safety place for us to grow, expand our family and just be happy."
As Vianney knows, nothing in life is free, she too has put her heart and soul into this home.
"It feels good to put in all this work into our house. It makes it more meaning full to us."
The three bedroom, two bath home is being built with a lot of love.
"I have two children, so this is something I really needed."
By the end of the year, the 100 block of Swift St. will be celebrating the holidays with new neighbors.