Published: Nov 16, 2012 10:53 PM EST
Updated: Nov 17, 2012 12:31 AM EST

NAPLES, Fla - News that Hostess is shutting down production sent Twinkie lovers across the country on a frenzy Friday.

Now, finding the cream filled sponge cake is no easy task. WINK News set out to find some Twinkies and found the shelves at Publix, Walmart, Sweetbay, 7 Eleven, and CVS were wiped clean in Naples.

Nicholas Shim of Naples went to Walmart first in search of Twinkies. Shim says he hasn't had a Twinkie in 10 years, but wanted to have one last Twinkie when he heard Hostess was shutting down.

"I went to Walmart and I couldn't wait to find my Twinkies and behold, no Twinkies what so ever," says Shim.

Eric Stone went to Sweetbay with his son Kyle in search of the sponge cake but had no luck. "Nothing. They were all out. All they had were Zingers so we got those.

As word spread that Hostess was stopping production, Twinkie lovers flocked to local stores in hopes of finding their beloved cream filled snack and many left disappointed.

"I settled for Strawberry Zingers and I'm not too happy about it, but I guess I just have to eat this with my glass of milk and enjoy," says Shim.

Knowing stores are virtually wiped clean, those lucky enough to get their hands on a Twinkie aren't putting them in their belly, instead they're selling them on Ebay.

"I think it's insane, I mean we can live without the Twinkie," joked Naples resident Joe Fuimano.

Believe it or not the tasty treat that once went for $2.50 is now being auctioned for more than $2.5 million on eBay.

And while the Twinkie shortage is getting most of the attention, consumer aren't forgetting the other hostess products.

Chantal Scherer says, "being born and raised in Ethiopia my parents would come to the states with empty suitcases and just stuff it with Wonder Bread and bring it back to Ethiopia and put it in the freezer so it's just part of my life and I'm really sad to see it go."

After half a dozen stops, WINK News finally tracked down a package of Twinkies at Kangaroo Express on Bayshore and 41 East in East Naples.

Most of the stores we stopped in did not know when they would get a new shipment of Twinkies in.