Published: Nov 16, 2012 7:30 PM EST
Updated: Nov 16, 2012 8:01 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-  After three day's of testimony, the prosecution rested Friday in the capital murder trial of Robert Dunn.  Dunn is accused of gunning down his wife at Bobbie Noonan Child Care in January, 2008.

Among the final evidence jurors saw Friday;  surveillance footage of the accused killer purchasing a gun days before the deadly shooting.

The footage from Larry's Pawn on Cape Coral Parkway shows Dunn purchasing a 9 MM Kel Tek handgun on January 21, 2008.  The entire process took less than five minutes, and Dunn didn't even handle the firearm.

"He pretty much went right over to what he wanted," David Close, manager of Larry's Pawn,  said.

According to testimony, Dunn picked up the gun three days later on January 24th, after completing the necessary paperwork and background check.

Dunn took posession of the weapon less than 24 hours before the shooting that left Christine Lozier-Dunn dead.

The accused killer was looking for something cheap and simple for home security purposes according to testimony.

A former broker with Larry's Pawn also testified Dunn sold his wedding band to the same pawn shop in December, 2007.

Prosecutors also established a timeline with a crime scene investigator form the Cape Coral Police Department who testified Dunn also purchased ammo days before prosecutors say he gunned down his estranged wife.

Prosecutor:  "At the bottom of this receipt there appears to be a date.  Can you tell us the date?"

Jacqueline Caron, Cape Police CSI:  "On january 22, 2008."

Caron found bullets, an empty gun box, and a gun manual inside Dunn's washing machine during a search of his home following the shooting.

The state rested its case Friday.  Defense attorneys called one witness before court ended.  A parent of the Bobbie Noonan Child Care center testified. 

Defense attorneys are expected to finish with witnesses on Monday.  If Dunn is found guilty, the punishment portion of the trial could begin as early as Monday, November 26th.

Dunn is charged with first degree murder, burglary, and child abuse.

Dunn faces the death penalty if convicted.