Published: Nov 09, 2012 10:53 PM EST
Updated: Nov 09, 2012 11:01 PM EST

EAST NAPLES, Fla - A Naples nightclub is becoming a hot spot for crime. Dimension Nightclub in East Naples is just off Tamiami East near Bayshore Drive.

After dozens of incidents outside the club, the Sheriff's Office has deployed its Street Gang Unit to control the crowds and the crime.

Only WINK News has obtained more than 50 pages of reports dating back to August. It details incidents that have all happened outside Dimension Nightclub in the parking lot.

"Our concern is violence, narcotics, historically at clubs that allow certain types of entertainment bring a mentality that can turn violent," says Sgt. Ron Byington, the coordinator of Collier County's Street Gang Unit.

Dimension's Manager Michael Constantine tells WINK News they're aware of some issues, which is why they pay for three Deputies to patrol outside on Friday nights.

"We have no control of what happens outside," says Constantine.

On October 20th, violence broke out in the parking lot. A Sheriff's report says people were throwing punches at law enforcement and the crowd was screaming and yelling at officers. At one point a Deputy reports it appeared a potential riot was unfolding.

Since that night, Sgt. Byington has increased patrol, assigning up to 20 officers to patrol the area outside the club after hours. "I'm going to stay ahead of the issue. I don't want to respond because somebody has been shot. We're going to be there to make sure it doesn't take place."

Meanwhile Constantine points some of the blame at the crowds that show up for their Hip-Hop and Rap nights. But, he says they have little control over what entertainment is brought in. Constantine says they rent out their club to promoters who bring in those artists.

"We're going to try to solve the issue and speak with the cops and see what we can do about it," says Constantine.

The Sheriff's reports also indicate there have been complaints at neighboring businesses after hours, including IHOP on Davis Blvd.