Published: Nov 08, 2012 7:03 PM EST
Updated: Nov 08, 2012 7:09 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fl. - We're digging up new details on how problems with long lines at the polls may have affected voter turnout in Lee County.

Voter turnout for this presidential election in Lee was 68-percent.  That's lower than the last presidential election in 2008, the one before that in 2004, and the one before that in 2000.

People were waiting as long as six hours to vote at some locations on election day.

The lines were moving so slowly that some voters cast their ballots on Wednesday morning.

WINK News asked a public affairs professor at FGCU if he was surprised, more people didn't vote this election.

"I was was because of the effort particularly here in Lee County, the President had visited, the former president had visited, the first lady had been here... if you really want to have a democratic process, it should be easy to vote," says Professor Peter Bergerson.

WINK News spoke with one voter who filed a formal compaint with the State Division of Election office in Tallahassee. 

We have not heard back from their office yet to see if they've received any other more complaints.  But this voter says he's wondering if his vote even counts.

"That was quite an experience," says Bert Hamilton.

A voting experience Hamilton hopes he never has to endure again.

He says he waited in line to vote for more than two hours but even that was not his complaint.  When he finally did cast his ballot it left him wondering.

"I have a question of whether my ballot really was counted," he says.

Hamilton says just before it was his turn to get his ballot scanned the machine broke.

"There was a lot of discussion what to do and at that point in time they just has us slip our ballots in with the other ballots that had already been registered with the machine... there was literally hundreds of people that all of a sudden started putting their ballots in on top of this as they were filing out the door," he says.

Hamilton took his concern to the state and filed a complaint over the phone with the State Division of Elections office.  He just wants answers. 

"They have a lot of ways to cover fraud but I don't know if this is fraud it's more irresponsibility," he adds.