Published: Nov 03, 2012 10:47 PM EDT
Updated: Nov 03, 2012 11:08 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - It was the last day for early voting and people around Lee County stood in line for hours waiting to cast their vote.

The polls officially closed at 7 p.m., but people were still in line well after, determined to cast their ballot.

"My staff and all my workers are exhausted, these poor people have been working 13 plus hours a day. We're open for 12 hours but they have to get here early to set things up and of course, they don't leave until the last voter votes," said Supervisor of Elections, Sharon Harrington.

Lines went up the stairs, out the doors and around the block. Residents, eager to make a choice, waited for up to five hours in some locations on the last day for early voting.

Downtown Fort Myers was on a 1-2 hour wait, but Christleen Martin and her mom were in good spirits.

"It's moving pretty quickly and there's a lot of entertainment so it doesn't seem as long as it has been," said Martin.

Like most early voters, they wanted to avoid the polls this Tuesday.

"We have that kind of a society now and I think that's why a lot of people are coming in because all of the stations are reporting the long lines and it really hasn't deterred a lot of people. So why the long wait?

"Every single ballot it printed right there. It's a four page ballot. We've never had a ballot this big," Harrington said.

 While many voters chose to mail in their ballots or drop them off directly, Cape Coral resident Lori Castellano told Wink News, it's just important to make your vote count.
"I think it's great that so many people are getting out to vote. Either way it's awesome," Castellano stated.