Published: Nov 02, 2012 6:43 PM EDT

NAPLES, FL - It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's a person.

"You're literally flying a jet pack, hovering, going underwater.'

This is JetLev, the newest personal watercraft.

"The fact is there hasn't been any new invention. There's been upgrades," said Chief Flight Instructor, Keith Paul.

Keith Paul is the head of the JetLev Training Academy. He said the jet pack is easy for anyone to ride.

"We've flown 72 year old woman, 415 pound guys, we've flown woman who were a hundred pounds. So if we can strap you in and give you the instructions and you listen.. Because this and this or this, doesn't mean anything. Right here being able to listen to the commands the instructors given to you.. And we fly 98% of the people," said Paul.

The company was in Naples on Friday, introducing JetLev to Collier County and other law enforcement agencies.

"What we're looking at is how loud was it, how fast did it go, things that could be a nuisance for our environment," said Capt. Roger Jacobsen.

Jacobsen, the Naples Harbor Master, said they're excited about JetLev. And now it's up to the company to decide where to set up shop in southwest Florida.

"The city cant tell them to not do this, they can go ahead and buy them today they can go ahead and rent them today. If they become a nuisance, and it violates any of our ordInaces or marine laws, then we'll have to address it," said Jacobsen.