Published: Oct 31, 2012 11:07 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 31, 2012 11:23 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - Everything is going mobile these days and the faster you can download or upload apps, movies, music and documents, the better. 

Now, AT&T customers in Southwest Florida can join the fastest network 4G LTE.  4G LTE just launched Wednesday in our area expanding that network to Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples.

"This is is just it's a speed racer compared to what I was used to," says Mickey Ferry.

You've seen the commercials and now the fastest network, 4G LTE is here in Southwest Florida in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples.

"When you use it you're gonna know," says Todd Maurer.

Todd Maurer with AT&T in Fort Myers says, this 4G LTE network has been years in the making.

To show that the numbers don't lie, Todd showed us the LTE speed test app...

"It's running there at 23 megabits per second on your download speeds and almost 10 megabits a second on your upload speeds," he says.

That's compared to just 7 or 8 megabits a second before LTE.

"You just get on an app and you can just download a movie and watch it over the air, and the speeds allow that so there's not skipping and it doesn't take a log time to buffer, it just starts to run," he adds.

AT&T leaders say in Lee County, the company has already added more carriers to allow for greater bandwidth and account for more customers using this network, especially with more and more snowbirds flocking to the area.

"We've seen customers that have had the LTE handsets and we hadn't had the LTE network up yet. now that we've launched the network, now they're seeing the speeds immediately," Maurer adds.

Customers like Mickey Ferry who says this faster network is making his personal and business life much easier.

"I have to go online, I have to do research and look up products.  I'm not sure how I got along without this," Ferry says.

The folks at AT&T say most of their products from phones to tablets are already LTE compatible, so you wont have to get any new hardware to be on the network.