Published: Oct 26, 2012 4:54 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 26, 2012 6:33 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, FL. - It's October, typically all the big professional sports are playing: football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. But this year, the NHL is locked out.

"Right now, this is the only place you can find hockey in the state of Florida, here or Orlando, who's also in our league," said Alex Reed, public relations manager for the Florida Everblades.

That means no Tampa Bay Lightning or Florida Panthers.

"We can recruit fans from those two areas," said Head Coach Greg Poss.

And the Everblades are also able to recruit those players.

"The NHL younger players dropped down to the American league, so some really good players are now in our league, so it helps our team and it also helps every team in the league," said Poss. 

Head Coach Greg Poss calls it the "trickle down effect," which up's the quality of games inside Germain Arena.

"The fans benefit from that because they get to see a good level of hockey. It's probably comparable to the level of hockey we had last year in the conference finals and then the finals," said Poss.

And this year, the Everblades are seeking a second straight Kelly Cup title.
"When you look at us winning the championship last season and then a lot of fans are buzzing after than and then they get to see great, great quality, players, players they'd probably never get to see, if it weren't for this lock out so it's kind of good double edge sword I should say in that regard," said Reed.