Published: Oct 25, 2012 11:57 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 25, 2012 4:51 PM EDT

LEE COLLIER, Fla.- Florida schools could soon see more help with classroom supplies and begin moving away from the FCAT, if Governor Rick Scott has his way. The Governor is in Fort Myers today laying out his education plan for the next year.

The Governor spoke to hundreds of Southwest Florida community and education leaders, and laid out his three-goal plan. The overall purpose of it is to help better prepare Florida students to enter college or a career right away.

"Goal one is to support teachers by not making any new testing requirements that do not support the common core state standards," said Governor Rick Scott.

That first goal got the best response from a crowd of 600 Southwest Florida leaders. Governor Rick Scott says the idea came from educators he met during last month's "listening tour."

They gave more criticism about the state's controversial FCAT than anything else.

"When giving the test on the sixth grade, and these kids are reading on a fourth grade level. It's very difficult. You should be testing them on their level," said Carol Bucher, a teacher.

So rather than revamping the FCAT process, Scott says next fall, Florida will move to another testing style called PARCC, which doesn't just ask for answers based on recall, but also has students write down how they got there. The idea is to encourage true learning, rather than teaching to a test.

Scott also outlined hopes for a debit card system for teachers, who are forced to buy classroom supplies out of pocket.

"I think it could bring some efficiencies to how we deal with purchases. I do think there are some technical aspects, but I think it's an interesting idea," said Superintendent Burke.