Published: Oct 25, 2012 10:25 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 25, 2012 11:13 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - New developments on a Call for Action story WINK News first brought you last week.  Employees who worked for the Allstar Auto Auction didn't get paid for work they'd already done after a fire ripped through the business on October 1st.

Last Wednesday the owners told us the checks would be in the mail on Saturday.  But Thursday night, the former workers are still waiting for their money.

Co-owner Mike Miski emailed WINK News on Saturday saying the checks were in the mail.  But Thursday, his attorney confirmed that did not happen and its creating more frustration for both sides involved.

"I don't work for the man anymore, I just want my check," says former employee, Jeff Martin.

Martin says, he hasn't been paid since flames tore through the Allstar Auto Auction on October first. 

"It's not fair, this has been going on way to long," he says.

So what's the status of the checks?  In a statement, Allstar's attorney, Howard Chappell, tells WINK News the checks came from a CPS out of state and "Allstar was informed that employees checks were mailed on Saturday.  However, it has subsequently come to light that the mail was not actually picked up until Monday."

"Every time we're told something like we've been saying, the check was coming and it doesn't," Martin says.

The statement goes on to say that, "To date, Allstar has yet to receive the checks for execution and delivery to its former employees.  By every indication, the checks will arrive shortly and will be mailed or otherwise delivered to the former employees expeditiously. 
My client wishes to express understanding in the frustration of the former employees.  They understand that times are tough and every dollar counts.  They fully intend that each and every employee will be properly compensated.  They ask for patience in what has been an extremely difficult time for their business."

Former customer Anthony Coy was waiting on $6,900 after selling his truck through Allstar.  He says he did get a check or that amount, but it bounced.

"Obviously I know I'm never going to deal with them again and I don't think they'll ever be in business and I'll probably try and make sure of that," Coy says.

Attorney Howard Chappell tells WINK News once Allstar gets the checks from its out of state CPA, they will deliver the money to their former employees.