Published: Oct 20, 2012 5:12 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - Sometimes you need to get a little mud on the tires. And that's what the ATV Park Committee did on Saturday morning, as the group toured a potential site for the park.

Holding a special meeting, inside a van, the group was guided through a 654 acre site just off Oil Well Road in Eastern Collier County. Joe Bonness, who owns the property, says it would be a perfect spot for ATVs.

"There's a lot of ditches and dikes and berms that have been put on this property so those will all adapt to putting a lot of elevation and terrain changes that the ATVs will have a lot of fun with," Bonness said.

But after the hour long tour, some of the committee members were skeptical. The lakes present a problem and there aren't any shaded areas.

"It's kind of barren, old farm land is what it was, not quite what we're looking for," said Joe Pelletier of the committee, "beautiful piece of property though."

The committee's goal is to find a safe place to ride. It was formed with local citizens after county leaders ran into dead ends creating the facility. The group of all terrain enthusiasts has a few other locations to tour soon.

Three million dollars has been set aside to build the park. The ATV Park Committee will meet again in December.