Published: Oct 17, 2012 6:25 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Only WINK cameras were rolling as a Cape Coral mother made a desperate plea for change. Her 24 year old daughter, Alexie Krill, died after her car plunged into a Cape Coral canal last month.

Today, her family is asking the city to put up a guard rail around what they call a dangerous intersection. The accident happened at Surfside Boulevard and Beach Parkway.

"You need to make sure she's the last person to die at that intersection," said Kristie Hilbert.

Alexie Krill's mother made an emotional plea to the city. At times, Kristie Hilbert had a hard time talking through her tears.

"My purpose is to try and today make you understand that we need to keep the cars out of the canal. If you choose to support the idea of a barrier ther'es a better chance that by keeping those cars on the road, those accident victims are breathing air rather than water," she said.

Police say Alexie failed to stop at the intersection of Beach Parkway and Surfside Boulevard. Her car went into the canal and she died.

The city now says its hired a consulting firm to see if a barrier or guard rail is necessary here. Dince 2005, two people have at the died after their cars went into canals.

"Not all the corners that have a 90 degree angle with a canal....a lot of them have a lot more stopping space before they go into the water," said sister Lindsay Krill.

Some council-members voiced concern that putting a barrier here could bring a lawsuit, if another fatality occurred, because of the barrier.

But one man, who works for a Fort Myers engineering company disagrees.
"There are very well state laws that could protect the city from having a lawsuit based on a barricade going in. It's is more likely to be sued for not putting in a barricade in and having another fatality," said Marshall Shedio with Universal Engineering Sciences.

The last time a consulting study was done, it was decided that a barrier was not needed, so the city put up more signs and markings. Now, we've learned the city has hired a different consulting firm after this latest tragedy.

The results of that study wont be available until the end of the year.