Published: Oct 12, 2012 11:48 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.-A Lee Memorial Hospital patient is accused of stabbing a nurse with a knife. Linda Eason claimed the hospital staff was going to kill her.

Nurse Tracy Pangburn told police she walked into Eason's room after hearing her monitor alarm go off. She says, while she was helping her, Eason stabbed her in the upper chest and also cut her hand with a knife.

The patient told police she overheard staff saying they were going to "take care" of her. Eason thought she was going to be killed by hospital staff and prepared herself by carrying the knife she said she carries to bed. She also claimed that Pangburn whispered "enjoy your last meal" to her.

Linda Eason is facing charges for assault or battery on a medical provider.

In a statement, Lee Memorial said "We take multiple measures to protect our staff and our patients, but are unable to share specific security protocols because releasing that information could potentially undermine our security and make those we are trying to protect more vulnerable. There are certain precautions we take to safeguard our employees, but unfortunately it is not always possible to anticipate an attack."