Published: Oct 11, 2012 5:07 PM EDT

Lee county officials are rushing to hire legal help, as the government works through a number of difficult issues and controversies, ranging from the Medstar  mess to alleged discrimination.

"I don't like it.  I mean, the lawyers win, but everyone else loses, that is the bottom line," said Bill Oswald of Ft. Myers.   "They should sit down and work out their differences."

Co. Manager Karen Hawes has retained a lawyer, although she has yet to identify the person.  Hawes could be fired as soon as next Tuesday.

Lee Co. Fleet Manager Marilyn Rawlings also has an attorney.    That lawyer says in a letter to the county, that Rawlings has been the target of unlawful conduct by Lee county.

And Arnold McAllister and the other fired Medstar pilots have been talking with lawyers about possible lawsuits against Lee.

It concerns Lee co. attorney Michael Hunt, whose office of 13 attornies must handle the various inquiries and other matters.   He told WINK:    His people are at the upper limits of what they can handle.   Any more work may require a request for more money to hire more people.   He said his office might have to ask for more resources by the end of the year.

That bothers Pamela Peters of Cape Coral.   "The taxpayer loses when this happens.   I feel it is a tragedy that is happening in our county," she told WINK.