Published: Oct 10, 2012 10:41 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 10, 2012 11:38 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - Renewed concerns over escalating gun violence in Fort Myers.  Wednesday morning, a gunman targeted two people, leaving them with life threatening injuries.

Authorities say, they aren't surprised most of this crime is happening in one area.

WINK News asked one of the victim's family members: You think it was some sort of rivalry?
"Yes, it's about the Harlem, Fort Myers rivalry that's just taking over," says Lorrieann Thurman.

Thurman insists her nephew Quayshun Lewis and his girlfriend Michelle Fletcher were gunned down Wednesday morning in act of retaliation.

"Someone you know he got into it with and they're people was you know waiting for him to get out," she adds.

Sheriff Mike Scott is on a state gang task force.  Lee County has a gang unit as well.  Sheriff Scott says the recent targeted shootings, have them following leads that often bring them back to the 33916 zip code.

"This number and this spike in homicides is occurring in literally a postage stamp size reflection of a community 1,000 square miles, it's very very clear to me that there are sharp trends and probably the most noticeable is geographic," he says.

Sheriff Scott says while they may know the trends, life threatening violence doesn't spontaneously happen.  He says, it often leads back to crimes on a smaller scale.

"Whether it's over a domestic issue or a drug deal gone bad or whatever so short of being with a person 24/7, you know as they pull the trigger or plunge a knife or swing a baseball bat or whatever the act is, it's almost impossible to stop that, it's one of the most difficult crimes to predict and prevent," he adds.

As of Wednesday night, Lewis and Fletcher are both in critical condition.