Published: Oct 10, 2012 10:56 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 11, 2012 12:31 AM EDT

GOLDEN GATE, Fla - A Collier County Fire District looking to save tax payer dollars wants to go back and re-examine their fire chief's contract.

Golden Gate Fire Chief Robert Metzger's contract was at the center of debate at Wednesday nights commission meeting.

"I'm willing to work with you, but my position here is that I would like to continue employment," Chief Metzger said to commissioners.

Metzger's five year contract is up in February, but before commissioners give him a new contract, they want to renegotiate the entire contract for the position.

Golden Gate Fire Commissioner David Stedman says, "commissioners are supposed to do what's right for both the district and the people of the district, the tax payers, so renegotiating contracts in favor of the taxpayers is always what we are supposed to be doing first and foremost."

Chief Metzger currently makes $127,200 and has, each year, voluntarily turned down contractual pay increases. His salary is in line with other Collier and Lee County fire chiefs.

But, the Golden Gate Firefighters Union insists Chief Metzger makes too much.

Union President Chris Tobin says he is thrilled with the boards decision. "We want to see everyone who is a part of this organization on the same page. The guy leading this organization should lead from the front and he taking the very same cuts and the very same deal as what he asks of the people that work here."

"I was hoping that I would get an assurance of employment moving forward," says Chief Metzger. "The wants to renegotiate first, that's fine."

Commissioners voted unanimously to go back and renegotiate the contract. They will look at everything from pay increases, to vacation days and holiday pay.