Published: Oct 09, 2012 3:34 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.-The Florida Wildlife Commission says there is now a red tide bloom along the Charlotte and Lee County coasts.  The hardest hit area is on Englewood Beach where dead fish are everywhere.
"Maybe half of the trip we'll be able to have fish free," said Kevin Buehner.
Buehner isn't referring to lunch but his vacation in Englewood Beach.  A fish kill from red tide is causing Buehner's family to spend more time at the hotel pool.
"This is our second year of experiencing the red menace. Didn't know anything about it until last year but overnight the beach went from being beautiful to just littered with millions of fish last year," he said.
The Florida Wildlife Commission says a bloom is located alongshore and offshore of southern Charlotte and Lee counties.  It extends about 15 miles off Sanibel Island, but locals say, it isn't that bad.
"We came down to check it out and it's not bothering us at all," said Ellen Brandt.
Brandt usually gets a physical reaction from red tide but not today.
"Right here in my throat I can feel a tickle and then I start coughing but it hasn't effected me at all.  We've been here for about 20 minutes now," she said.
Red tide is caused by an organism that's dangerous to marine life and humans.  To learn more go to: or call the statewide hotline at: (866) 300-9399 (toll-free inside Florida only); (727) 552-2448 (outside Florida).