Published: Oct 08, 2012 1:29 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 08, 2012 7:36 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.-Only on WINK: a mess of oil and fuel is floating in a Cape Coral canal, leaked from a sinking boat. The boat was docked in the 900 block of Southeast 23rd Place.

With dewatering pumps on full blast, the Cape Coral Fire Department tried to lift the Knight Express II out from seven feet of water.

Helping them is the owner Steven Teuber. "I was out here the other day and it was fine. So between yesterday and today either it was vandalized or tampered with or there was a failure," he said.

The house where his boat is docked is vacant. A neighbor called authorities after noticing it was taking on water and spilling fuel and oil into the canal. Many tell us they worried the boat was a bit unstable at times.

"You could hear it blow side to side, as if it hit a rock or a wall," said one neighbor."A few storms, I thought it was going to break off and come down and  hit my dock but it didn't it broke a little bit away," said another.

Firefighters believe the boat sank because of the recent wet weather. It's a problem we're told thats occuring more often as the rain comes and goes.

"What probably happened here is that the bilge pumps were not working and with the massive amounts of rain, we've had over the past week its just filled the boat and filled the boat until it sank to the bottom," explained Lt. Tim Clark with the Cape Coral Fire Department.

"A lot of work went into that boat so now we can see if we can salvage it or donate it to charity," said Teuber.

It's unknown how many gallons of fuel spilled into the canal.  The fire department says it was able to contain the spill with the hazmat boom before it leaked into other nearby canals.

The Coast Guard will clean up the rest of the fuel.