Published: Oct 05, 2012 9:47 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla - Students at Richard Milburn Academy closed their books Friday for the final time. The charter school in Bonita Springs in offically closed Friday. 

Jeff McCullers, Lee County Liaison for Public Charter Schools says, "this was a very hard day for this school, for the principal, teachers, certainly the kids and their families." 

District Administrators spent the afternoon packing up the school records for each of the 72 Richard Milburn students, but where these records and students will end up is still up in the air. 

"These students were essentially left behind and that's not a right thing so we tried to make it right," says McCullers. 

Over the past few weeks students have met with counselors, reviewed their transcripts and each received a recommendation on where to go next. Options incude going to a district school, charter school or even a private school. 

"It's a sad thing and it's something no one in the district wanted to see happen, but when a charter school opens up, it's a hope, it's a possibility and sometimes they don't work," says McCullers. 

District leaders say low enrollment was the primary factor in cutting the school year short in just the schools second year in existance. 

"We have to remember unike district schools, charter schools run on a market system and if students don't enroll the school will eventually close," says McCullers. "They had a very low enrollment to begin with and they never recovered." 

23 other charter schools in Lee County, several of which are at capacity. 

Teachers will meet back at the school Monday morning to tie up loose ends and turn in final grades.