Published: Oct 01, 2012 7:44 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- A warning about a possible scam to buy your land. On the night Cape Coral's city council is discussing the controversial utilities expansion project, flyers are circulating with an offer to purchase your property so you could avoid paying water and sewer assessments.

The problem is city officials say the flyers are bogus.

"I think this is an absolute shame somebody would do this." Rick Williams has lived in the northwest Cape for years, and is furious over these flyers. "They're targeting the elderly, they're targeting people that are in financial straights," he said.

The flyer states that "all northern residents" need to pay 20,000 dollars for the utilities expansion, or lose their land in four months. It says someone will give you 500 dollars now plus a cash close in one week to get the land off your hands before the expansion project begins.

"It has about as much truth as someone sends you a letter and says you won the kenyan lotto," said Cape Coral Councilman Kevin McGrail.

Councilman McGrail says this flyer is using fear to make money. "This individual is trying to snap up these lots for pennies on the dollar," he said.

McGrail says the project is moving forward only in the southwest quadrant, at this time and annual assessments for that have not even been decided yet. As for the north? "None of this is going to be touched right now, we haven't voted on anything!" said McGrail.

On the flyer it tells you to ask for "Kevin". We called Kevin, but he said he had no comment.

The city says this number belongs to a local land buyer whose had these three registered names over the years.

"My advice would be to not go anywhere near this. This is poor information and a ridiculous offer," said Williams.

This flyer also provided you with a "city sewer hotline" that you can call. That number is not a sewer hotline, but just a number to city hall.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the city's Citizen Action Center Hotline at (239) 574-0425.