Published: Oct 01, 2012 12:44 PM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.- Students at Florida Gulf Coast University are taking action against the budget cuts handed down last month. Library hours were slashed significantly as a result of the cuts, and now the student government is taking their petition for better hours all the way to Tallahassee.

Students on campus are fired up about these changes, and after standing outside the library for only a couple of hours, they are more than halfway to signature goal, asking for more funding to bring back the old library hours. Library hours have been scaled back by nearly half to save money, locking up early during the week and closing all together on Saturdays.

FGCU Student Government is aiming for 3,000 students to sign a petition to Governor Scott, asking him to re-consider the cuts that caused the library's limited hours.

In addition to the library hour cuts, a dozen vacant faculty positions have been slashed and salaries have been reduced.

We reached out to the university for comment on the student petition and so far, haven't gotten a response.