Published: Sep 25, 2012 7:05 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY-Fla.-In this Sept. 6h memo, District Board Member Dr. Jane Kuckel wrote:

"I am frustrated by the on-going violation of School Board Policy.

I am frustrated when I continually hear about and sense a pervasive culture of fear and intimidation."
"I am frustrated by the inability to do my job because you are not doing your job."
"I am especially frustrated that, on several occasions, what you tell me you are going to do and what you actually do are two very different things."
Dr. Kuckel said the issues go beyond the bus stop situation and she wants answers. 

The Director of Communications for the Lee County Public Schools said the two have hashed things out.  

In a statement, Joe Donzelli, said "Dr. Burke met with Dr. Kuckel Monday and they were able to discuss a myriad of issues including those raised by Dr. Kuckel in separate memoranda. Dr. Burke believes that the meeting was productive."

But memos sent a week later by District 5 Board member, Thomas Scott, shows he strongly disagrees with Dr. Kuckel.  

"Your frustrations would be lessened if you focused more time working on collaborative solutions and less time attempting to manufacture fault."

"It appears this six page diatribe is nothing more than another unprofessional and self-serving rant designed to enhance an egotistical and less than subtle attempt to crown yourself superintendent."

Kuckel is not running for re-election. She is retiring.