Published: Sep 18, 2012 11:07 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 19, 2012 3:20 PM EDT

GOLDEN GATE, Fla - It's your money and one Collier County fire district is shedding new light on a way to slash thousands of dollars a month from its budget.

The big savings could come from their electric bill as they trade in their current lightbulbs for new LED lights.

Evidence the Golden Gate Fire District is looking to save money in any way possible is evident as soon as you walk into the lobby of the administration building. "When this room isn't being used, the lights are off. We try and save energy any chance we get," says Golden Gate Fire Commissioner Chuck McMahon.

Green Secure Energy Savings out of Bonita Springs approached the Golden Gate Fire District in January, knowing they could help them save instantly.

"The savings will be about $4,000 a month, so based over ten years, you're looking at almost half a million dollars worth of savings," says Shawn Donnelly, owner of Green Secure Energy Savings.

Green Secure will take out each and every single light inside and outside Golden Gates three fire stations and replace them with more energy efficient LED lights.

"The cost savings to the taxpayer are going to be fantastic right off the bat. It's going to happen pretty quick," says McMahon.

The project will cost $120,000 but the district will see savings right away and they say the lights will pay for themselves in the first five years.

"I'm really excited about being the first in the county or southwest Florida to take advantage of going with the LED lighting," says McMahon. We'll be up front and people will come to us now and say, show us how you did this. We'd like to incorporate that into our department."

East Naples is set to meet with Green Secure in the next month or so.

If you would like to see how much LED lighting could save you at home or at work, go to They will do a free energy evaluation for any home or business looking to save.