Published: Sep 10, 2012 8:42 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A unique agreement is benefiting a golf course community and the city of Cape Coral.

It has to do with residents at the Del Tura Country Club in North Fort Myers and their need for privacy. They want a  barrier wall at the intersection of Garden Boulevard and De Nevarra Parkway.

A chain link fence is all that stands between some Del Tura homes and the roadway.
But soon that could soon change and residents say it's about time.

"We get people in here that aren't wanted and have things happen like burglaries and things so it makes you feel safer," said resident Connie Carter.

Hometown America Corporation owns the golf course community in North Fort Myers.

It wants to build the privacy wall at the intersections but the city of Cape Coral owns the roads.
Under the agreement, Hometown America would build the foundation of the wall 14 inches within the city's right of way it will also will build a 2,000 foot, 12 inch diameter irrigation main.

"We looked around at a way we could entice the city and do something good for the city, as they were doing something good for the residents, and it turned out they had in the future planned a drainage and irrigation line to be put on the same side of the street," said Stephen Braun, with Hometown America.

The wall will buffer the community and add an extra layer of security. City officials will get their irrigation line at no cost, and say it will benefit future residents and a nearby school.

"This system will allow us to tie into some reuse storage tanks that we have," said Utilities Director Jeff Pearson.